Vincent van Gogh - The Sultan of Morocco - Quick Facts

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Vincent van Gogh - The Sultan of Morocco - Quick Facts

"Quick Facts" From Our Booklet With Links That Support Them:
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  • If this was painted in 1889 or 1890 the age of the Sultan would be 58 or 59 years old (matching the age of the man in our painting).
  • The Sultan died in 1894, only four years after Vincent van Gogh. Sultan Moulay-Hassan I click here to view his Wikipedia page, click here to view List of rulers of Morocco.
  • The painting's style appears to be inspired by Eugène Delacroix, who also painted a prior Sultan of Morocco in 1845. Click here to view the painting on Sultan Abderrahmane's Wikipedia page.
  • Van Gogh liked to paint a night sky in the background - Google "van Gogh and the colors of the night" - Click here to view Google results and Click here to view Google Image results.
  • You can view nearly 100 van Gogh paintings and drawings done in a similar style to our painting. Click here to view them.
  • The person in the painting does resemble the Sultan at the time van Gogh was painting. See artwork of the Sultan below by other artists:

Above: Scan from our booklet.

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