Vincent van Gogh - The Sultan of Morocco - Gallery

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Vincent van Gogh - The Sultan of Morocco - Gallery

While researching van Gogh portrait style paintings on the Internet, we could find some paintings that bore slight resemblance to the style of our painting. There are limited paintings and drawings showing such detail to the folds of the fabric as seen in our painting. We eventually learned about a book by J-B de la Faille titled, "The Works of Vincent van Gogh - His Paintings and Drawings,"; which is considered the Catalogue Raisonee of van Gogh's works. This book has has more than 700 pages and measures 14.6"; tall x 11"; wide (a BIG book). This book is also mentioned in the notes.

For comparison, we have taken photos of some artwork from the book showing styles similar to our painting. The artwork includes paintings, drawings, and sketches by van Gogh. We also included some Impressionist-style artworks to illustrate his different painting styles.  You can also see how van Gogh often painted people with something on their head, e.g. a hat. You might be surprised to see how many bear similarities to our own painting.

Below: Scan from our booklet.


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