Frederick himself told me from Monaco

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Frederick himself told me from Monaco

Want to know who told me FIRST that I was looking for some type of CRIME? Frederick Robinson Koch himself did! From his iPad in Monaco. In my early days of researching this story and after finding Frederick Robinson Koch was the man who visited with my mother. I knew something was amiss when he denied that it was him that had visited with my mother.

Below is a screenshot of just SOME of his visits and the "keywords" that got passed onto my site from the search he was doing to find my website with the story that currently is not posted as I removed most of the story (including tons of Miami information). After solving most of it and reporting it all to the Mr. Wittman former FBI (Art Crimes Division) I decided to let the website focus mostly on the beautiful artwork he sold to my mother. Let the artwork speak for itself...

However it has been 4 years (almost 5 years) since I first started seeking help and reaching out to as many people as possible to help me solve this story. So while I have back ups of the story I had previously posted detailing every detail I could provide. Hoping something would click with someone and they would be able to help me finish putting the pieces of this story together. Unfortunately this hasn't been the case as no one has stepped forward to support me. So, at this time I am hoping the artwork done by masters of the art world will speak for itself.

I do ask if you were faced with this artwork and my mother's amazing story plus the conclusion on why it all occurred would you not also continue to try to stand up for it? So far I haven't found a single person willing to stand beside me and stand up for what is right : -(

Anyhow below is a screenshot taken from this blog's traffic log for when he searched for things like  "Frederick Koch art fraud" and "Frederick Koch John Olsen art fraud" (there were 10+ visits on this search term):


Below is a screenshot taken from this blog's traffic log for when he searched things like "Frederick Koch Sutton Place" and "The Sutton Place Story" (there were 30+ visits on this search term):


There are more than 60+ visits from Monaco alone from January 2011 to January 2012.
He probably wasn't aware of how websites collect data.

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