Frederick himself told me from Monaco

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Frederick himself told me from Monaco

These screenshots are from after I realized it was Frederick Robinson Koch. I found the fire and reported that we might have art from the fire, that didn't necessarily mean I believed there was a crime. But if the art was listed as recovered from the fire we could then start getting this artwork authenticated. So, after I emailed Lloyds of London and began communicating with Julian Radcliffe, these visits began. 

Below is a screenshot of just SOME of these visits and the "keywords" that got passed onto my site from the search they were doing to find this website/blog.

When the FIRST hit came in I stated "WHO IS JOHN OLSEN?" my daughter says that is the man you are emailing trying to contact Fred. I said "OHHH!!!". 

After I found the fire I never emailed Frederick/John again. 

I do ask if you were faced with this artwork and my mother's amazing story plus the conclusion on why it all occurred would you not also continue to try to stand up for it? So far I haven't found a single person willing to stand beside me and stand up for what is right : -(

Anyhow below is a screenshot taken from this blog's traffic log for when he searched for things like  "Frederick Koch art fraud" and "Frederick Koch John Olsen art fraud" (there were 10+ visits on this search term):


Below is a screenshot taken from this blog's traffic log for when he searched things like "Frederick Koch Sutton Place" and "The Sutton Place Story" (there were 30+ visits on this search term):


There are more than 60+ visits from Monaco alone from January 2011 to January 2012.
He probably wasn't aware of how websites collect data.

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