This is MY MOTHER'S STORY from 1991 to EARLY 1992!

Reading “My Mother’s Story” and “The Crimes & Research” from the menu above will help explain how I arrived to the scenario you will read below. You have to proceed with an open mind. Because the information is true. So there has to be an answer for the story and what I have solved I strongly believe is the answer.

Imagine researching a crazy artwork story that your mother was part of and one day you find yourself connecting to these statements…

5 Pen & Pencil Drawings

A Manet Painting

A Man in a Hat

A Bird Finial


What if that connection was to the Largest Art Heist in History.
No way... RIGHT? 

3/18/1990 Isabella Stewart Gardner Art Heist


  • 5 Pen & Pencils by Edgar Degas
  • Manet painting of a man in a hat
  • 3 Rembrandts
  • Govaert Flinck painting
  • Vermeer painting
  • Bird Finial
  • Chinese Beaker

Below represents how I believe my mother's artwork connects to the stolen items and are in the order of how I connected to them.

5 Pen & Pencil drawings by Edgar Degas

  • 5 Pen & Pencil drawings by Alexander Calder

Manet painting of a man in a hat

  • Manet painting of a beach/ocean scene
  • A man in a hat – van Gogh is a man in a hat

Bird Finial (low value)

  • 3 Bird (Jane Peterson) paintings (lower value pieces)

Vermeer painting

  • Jim Cassel print (read why here)
  • Dutch Room – van Gogh is also a Dutch artist

3 Rembrandts

  • 4 Picasso’s could equal 3 Rembrandts

Govaert Flinck painting & Chinese Beaker

  • No obvious connections

No way a crazy art story could collide with not ONE but TWO art crimes ALL occurring in less than 24 months of each other... RIGHT?!

Trying to prove a connection with the following events:

  • March 18, 1990 – Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum.
    • Trying to prove – Heist done by Frederick R. Koch and John Olsen.
  • December 21, 1990 – Mary Robinson Koch passes away.
    • She is the mother of Frederick R. Koch. My mother’s name is also Mary.
  • September 21, 1991 – Robert Donati is murdered by the mafia, because of art heist.
  • October 7, 1991 – James Bourlet & Sons London warehouse art storage fire.
    • Trying to prove Fire done by Frederick R. Koch and/or John Olsen.
  • November 1991 – Stranger arrives in my mother’s life and begins to sell her artwork. We still have some of the artwork and hand written notes between them.
    • Trying to prove – this was Frederick R. Koch.
  • February 1992 – My mother visits Sotheby’s they authenticate the Snowy Egret, Jane Peterson painting.
  • March 1992 – Stranger departs in hospital scene with a newspaper obituary, but turns out he is alive.
  • April 1992 – Sotheby’s signs contract with my mother on the Jane Peterson painting.
  • 1994 Someone writes a letter to the museum trying to return the stolen artwork and claiming they have knowledge of international art transactions. My Miami research connects to a company called International Art Trading. They request to communicate through the newspaper.
    • Trying to prove – Frederick R. Koch wrote this letter.

Below is my mother's artwork that I was able to photograph.

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