This is MY MOTHER'S STORY from 1991 to EARLY 1992!

Imagine researching art encounters that your mother was part of and one day you find yourself connecting to these statements…

5 Pen & Pencil Drawings

A Manet Painting

A Man in a Hat

A Bird Finial


What if that connection was to the Largest Art Heist in History.
No way... RIGHT? 


  • 5 Pen & Pencils by Edgar Degas
  • Manet painting of a man in a hat
  • 3 Rembrandts
  • Govaert Flinck painting
  • Vermeer painting
  • Bird Finial
  • Chinese Beaker

No way art encounters could collide with not ONE but TWO art crimes ALL occurring in less than 24 months of each other...

Suzanne has been actively making claims of solving the heist and the fire since 2012 (10 years).  Not one person has told her she is wrong. No cease and desist. 10 years of being undisputed! One would think this proves Suzanne is telling the truth and has solved it.