November 1991 – My Mother's Story Begins with an "ED" Koch


My mother’s story begins in November 1991 – is about artwork by the following artists van Gogh, Picasso, Manet, Peterson, Calder, Bombois, Van Dongen and a Cassel print.  This artwork is shown here on the website (there was more artwork but unfortunately I don’t have photos of them). Trading Post Flea Market, Okeechobee, FL

I am going to try to keep the story as short/brief as possible. As the artwork sold to my mother and The Notes with Mr. Koch’s handwriting are really what is important. In November 1991 my mother working her Flea Market booth in Okeechobee, Florida began to be visited by a man. He visited with her over several months up until approximately February 1992. These visits only occurred on the weekends at her booth. 

This was in 1991/1992 before the internet and access to the information we have today. During these visits he was selling her artwork and appears to be trying to teach her about the art world. He told her grand stories about his life, talked extensively about his mother. He also talked about lawsuits and deep dislike for a twin brother. He sold her this artwork for $2 to $5 a piece, always making sure there was a transaction. 

Except for the Jim Cassel print it was given to her and is still in the folder/envelope he gave it to her in. My mother said his hands shook when giving it to her. She has always told me that based just on his behavior of the print it was the most valuable piece of all the pieces.

Below is my mother's artwork that I was able to photograph.