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A Flea Market Art Story





The Artwork Story
A Mother & Daughter's Journey
Okeechobee, Florida

The Artwork Story began as in 2009 after Suzanne’s mother, Mary, asked her to show her artwork online and tell her story in an attempt to find the mysterious Ed Koch who sold her mother the artwork long ago at a flea market in Florida. It was soon discovered that the mysterious man from the market was billionaire Frederick R. Koch. Once this connection was made, the website changed into and has therefore evolved into a collection of research built up over the span of thirty years. This research would go on to solve two amazing art crimes. 

Recently expanding to publish the book, Crime & Canvas was written to tell Suzanne’s journey of deciphering the stories her mother told and the notes written between her mother and Mr. Koch.

Though the effort to share this story has not been easy, between billionaire corruption and people not willing to listen, Suzanne and her family grew understandably discouraged. Nonetheless, as they linked together pieces of handwritten notes and famous art that began to solve long-forgotten art crimes it became more and more apparent that this story had to be told—the truth had to be revealed no matter what stood in their way.

If you want to know more about Suzanne’s journey to share her mother’s story or the history of the billionaire and the crimes that were solved then check out!

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