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Jane Peterson Paintings

These 3 Jane Peterson paintings are part of an incredible story.

3 Bird paintings (by Jane Peterson) were sold to my mother.

The Notes regarding Jane Peterson between Mr. Koch and my mother also speak of the Jane Peterson paintings.

In April of 1992 my mother was able to have the snowy egret painting authenticated and listed in Sotheby’s Catalog.

This was easily authenticated because it is a watercolor done on special Kodak paper. The paper was created specially for Jane Peterson, as her husband was an attorney for Kodak. (my mother still has this painting it didn’t sell). Plus the notes with Mr. Koch’s handwriting discuss the Jane Peterson paintings.

The photo gallery below shows:

  • Photo of the Sotheby’s catalog: American Paintings Drawings & Sculpture Sale 1410, Friday September 25, 1992
  • Photo of the Sotheby’s contract. Showing April 20, 1992 as the date proving the time period and that my mother is the one who consigned it with Sotheby’s in 1992.
  • Several newspaper articles showing that Jane Peterson had her artwork on display at events at the Washington Storage Art Gallery in Miami. As shown in The Notes above between my mother and Mr. Koch he mentions this same gallery and in reference to the Jane Peterson paintings too.

With the fact that the painting was done on special paper that Jane Peterson was known for using, paper that was specifically created for her, along with the handwritten provenance from Mr. Koch in my mother’s notes – this should also go along with all the other artwork mentioned in her notes. Providing a provenance for all the artwork mentioned in her notes at a minimum.