March 18, 1990 – Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Art Heist

After years of research, putting together the information/facts from my mother’s story regarding her artwork and the artwork itself, the March 18, 1990 Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Art Heist has been solved.

Frederick Robinson Koch and John Olsen committed the heist. 

This was reported by me on June 21, 2012 to Mr. Robert Wittman. On March 18, 2013  (23 years after the heist or 9 months after my email stating the names of the 2 men) the Museum announced it had been solved but the artwork wasn’t recovered.

 I wont stop until someone does the right thing.

The more time that goes by the more information and facts I find – who knows how much more I have yet to discover? 

Let’s see so far I have discovered is almost 1 Billion dollars in art from the 500 Million dollar art heist, the October 7, 1991 James Bourlet & Sons Art Warehouse Fire. 175 Million dollar (value in 1991) , and the more then 100 million in artwork sold to my mother by Frederick Robinson Koch.

Imagine researching a crazy artwork story that your mother was part of and one day you find yourself connecting to these statements…

5 Pen & Pencil Drawings

A Manet Painting

A Man in a Hat

A Bird Finial


What if that connection was to the Largest Art Heist in History.
No way... RIGHT? 

3/18/1990 Isabella Stewart Gardner Art Heist


  • 5 Pen & Pencils by Edgar Degas
  • Manet painting of a man in a hat
  • 3 Rembrandts
  • Govaert Flinck painting
  • Vermeer painting
  • Bird Finial
  • Chinese Beaker

Below represents how I believe my mother's artwork connects to the stolen items and are in the order of how I connected to them.

5 Pen & Pencil drawings by Edgar Degas

  • 5 Pen & Pencil drawings by Alexander Calder

Manet painting of a man in a hat

  • Manet painting of a beach/ocean scene
  • A man in a hat – van Gogh is a man in a hat

Bird Finial (low value)

  • 3 Bird (Jane Peterson) paintings (lower value pieces)

Vermeer painting

  • Jim Cassel print (read why here)
  • Dutch Room – van Gogh is also a Dutch artist

3 Rembrandts

  • 4 Picasso’s could equal 3 Rembrandts

Govaert Flinck painting & Chinese Beaker

  • No obvious connections

No way a crazy art story could collide with not ONE but TWO art crimes ALL occurring in less than 24 months of each other... RIGHT?!

More Connections Below:

Another connection I made is from a newspaper article –
“But in late April 1994, the museum received an overture that Gardner officials regard as the most promising lead ever in the case. An anonymous letter writer said he could facilitate the return of the paintings in exchange for $2.6 million and full immunity from prosecution for the thieves and those who held the paintings. Because the overture involved a request for immunity from prosecution, the museum turned the letter, postmarked in New York, over to the FBI.

The letter writer showed considerable knowledge of the paintings and of the international art world. He said the stolen paintings were being stored in archival conditions, and had not yet been sold. But, he warned, the museum should agree swiftly to the exchange because the paintings were being held in a country where a buyer who did not know they had been stolen could claim legal ownership.”

Miami-Dade 1986 sales tax warrant for an Edward Koch of a “d/b/a International Art Trading at 12530 NE 7th Ave., Miami, FL 33161.” You can do a search here for “Koch, Edward.” It’s the document 1986 R 152206# (there is also another Sales Tax warrant from 1985 R 380184#). I’m unable to find anything else about this International Art Trading company.

Plus Frederick Koch owns a home in New York.
Also found another company –
Art Restoration company (view Sunbiz document here), where an Ed Koch is listed as part-owner with a Saul Jacobs. Which gives the address for Ed Koch as 12320 NE 8th Avenue in North Miami, Florida (view on Google map here). This address comes up as being in the block owned by the Museum of Contemporary Art (Miami), with a property value of more than $11,000,000.
The van Gogh painting has restoration work done to it. Which might of been done by an Eric Carlsberg….
Who is going to do the right thing and help the Museum get its art back?

I believe the name Ellyn Robinson was actually Mary Robinson. They removed this name right after Mary passed away. I was looking for a museum Fred and his mother were a part of in Miami and I believe this is the museum.

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