Suzanne's Miami Research

Below is information I discovered while researching my mother’s stories from her art encounters. And the notes they wrote during Koch’s visits with my mother. Following the name Ed Koch, in Miami which ironically lead me right into the art world. 

Art Restoration

International Art Trading


The Ed Koch addresses in the documents come up as being in the block owned by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami.

This at the least proves that a person using the name “Ed Koch” existed and it is around the right time period. Along with showing a connection to the art world and the name Ed Koch. A connection for several years not just a couple of months down there.

Suzanne has been actively making claims of solving the heist and the fire since 2012 (10 years).  Not one person has told her she is wrong. No cease and desist. 10 years of being undisputed! One would think this proves Suzanne is telling the truth and has solved it.