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This was mostly written in 2012 some links below might need to be updated. 

My name is Suzanne and this artwork story is my mother’s. She is still alive and I am trying to bring this story to resolution for her she is now 75+ years old (this story occurred when she was in her 50s!!).

This post is based on my research I have done over the years, trying to piece together my mother’s story, the artwork and her notes from the transactions.

As you read through below I have addresses linked to Google Maps, watch for the area shown in the image below on each map to see how they relate to each other 🙂 Watching for the “MOCA Miami” icon.

My search of finding an “Ed Koch” was focused in South Florida/Miami as this is where my mother told me to begin. It was at my mother’s prompting that I start to focus more on who Ed Koch is. While we would try to find the name Ed (Edward) Koch, I didn’t focus on finding him or the stories he would share with my mother as we thought he had died. So, I remained focused on trying to authenticate the artwork. She kept telling me but he is important to the story as well that I find him. I am glad she persisted…

While I can find Ed (Edward) Koch’s out there, I needed to find ones that connected to the art world. So as part of my search I tried, where you can search by an owner’s name and you don’t need to know the business name. Doing this I find an Art Restoration company (view Sunbiz document here), where an Ed Koch is listed as part-owner with a Saul Jacobs. Which gives the address for Ed Koch as 12320 NE 8th Avenue in North Miami, Florida (view on Google map here). This address comes up as being in the block owned by the Museum of Contemporary Art (Miami), with a property value of more than $11,000,000 (click here to view the property appraisers screenshot).

Above, I have shown the address an Ed Koch uses on the Art Restoration Corporation. Next, at the Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts I find another business/address for an Edward Koch. This one is from a Miami-Dade 1986 sales tax warrant (view it here) for an Edward Koch of a “d/b/a International Art Trading at 12530 NE 7th Ave., Miami, FL 33161 (view Google map here).” You can do a search here for “Koch, Edward.” It’s the document 1986 R 152206# (there is also another Sales Tax warrant from 1985 R 380184#). I’m unable to find anything else about this International Art Trading company. Viewing both of the addresses used by Ed on the Art Restoration document and the one on the warrant, you can see how the addresses I am gathering relate to each other on the map below.

Now, back to Saul Jacobs for a moment. As shown above, Saul Jacobs is connected to Ed Koch through the Art Restoration Corporation Sunbiz document. Saul has quite a few publishing companies. Here’s a screenshot showing all the corporations that come up for Saul Jacobs, and here’s the Sunbiz document on just one of these corporations (Merit Publications), which has the following address 610 NE 124th St., North Miami, FL 33161 (view Google map here), all the publishing companies use this same address. I also connect this address on the map below.

Now intrigued by the Museum connection, I checked the Sunbiz documents for the Museum of Contemporary Art and found that back in the ’80s and early ’90s, they were using the name “North Miami Museum and Art Center, Inc.”, they changed their name in 1997. Sunbiz online goes back to 1995 on them, so I ordered the years prior to 1995 from Sunbiz. From at least 1982 through 1996, according to the Sunbiz documents, they were using the address 12340 NE 8th Avenue in North Miami, Florida, 33161 (view Google map here). Viewing both Ed’s address and MoCA’s, you can see how they relate to each other on the map below.

Another reason the Museum might be important to my research is, my mother has had me on the search for a gallery somewhere in South Florida that she believes Ed and his mother were a big part.

The map below shows …

Icon A: Ed Koch’s 1986 location on the Sales Tax warrant. It’s basically located at the northwest corner of Museum of Contemporary Art. 12530 NE 7th Ave., North Miami, FL 33161

Icon B: Saul Jacob’s business location in the 1970s through mid-to-late 1980s. It’s located two blocks west of Museum of Contemporary Art. 610 NE 124th St., North Miami, FL 33161

Icon C: Ed Koch’s 1985 location on the Art Restoration corporate documents. It’s located on the southeast corner of Museum of Contemporary Art. 12320 NE 8th Av., North Miami, FL 33161

Icon D: North Miami Museum and Art Center’s address until 1997. 12340 NE 8th Ave., North Miami, FL 33161

Icon E: Museum of Contemporary Art’s current address. 770 NE 125th St., North Miami, FL 33161

The red border is around the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA). – Click on the image/map for a bigger view. (click here to view the property appraisers screenshot – notice the red border as same one I use below in my map illustration)

The map below is of Saul Jacob”s residence and the residences of directors from the North Miami Museum and Art Center.

Icon A: Saul Jacobs’ home between 1970s-1990s (Art Restoration).

Icon B: A director at North Miami Museum between 1983-1985 (home address as indicated on the corp docs).rnIcon C: A director at North Miami Museum in 1982 (home address as indicated on the corp docs).

Icon D: A director at North Miami Museum between1983-1992 (home address as indicated on the corp docs), this person moves to Icon E in 1996.


Final Thoughts:

This at least proves that a person using the name “Ed Koch” existed and it is around the right time period. Along with making the connection to some prominent addresses and people. Proving there is a connection to the art world and the name Ed Koch. A connection for several years not just a couple of months down there.

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