October 7, 1991 – James Bourlet & Sons 175 Million Art Warehouse Fire

Some of the artwork sold to my mother had damage. Mr. Koch told her the damage to the artwork was from it being saved from a fire at an art storage warehouse. I had been looking for this fire to be in South Florida. 

In The Notes are several mentions of a Washington Storage and Washington Gallery in Miami. Along with a lot of South Florida information he discussed with her, had me focused there. Plus I could only gather information as the internet grew and opened up the door of information for me to put this whole story together.

After years of research, putting together the information/facts from my mother’s story regarding her artwork I was able to find the fire we had been looking for for 20+ years. 

Only instead of it being somewhere in South Florida it was across the pond in London. 

I believe that Frederick Robinson Koch and/or John Olsen know or were directly involved in the October 7, 1991 James Bourlet & Sons Art Warehouse Fire.

Suzanne has been actively making claims of solving the heist and the fire since 2012 (10 years).  Not one person has told her she is wrong. No cease and desist. 10 years of being undisputed! One would think this proves Suzanne is telling the truth and has solved it.